For the People Artists Collective is a radical squad of Black artists and artists of color in Chicago. As artists who also organize, it is our duty to create work that uplifts and projects struggle, resistance, liberation, and survival within and for our marginalized communities and movements in our city and our world.


As artists, cultural workers, abolitionists, & organizers we are actively envisioning a world without prisons or police. Where a multitude of gender and expressions are valid and seen. Where all bodies are valued and celebrated as they are and as they change, regardless of color, size, age, health, and ability.  A world where justice is transformative and not punitive. Where space to grow and heal is accessible.  Where people can move freely or stay, where self-determination is respected and supported.  Where radical love is abundant and centered in all of our actions. We have every intention to create collaborative art that works towards healing and strengthening a total transformation of the cultural landscape of our city and our world.