Network Artists


Kara Rodriguez

Kara Rodriguez is a Chicago-based performance artist and zine-maker. They use their art to remind women, femmes, and queer people of color of our resilience, worth, power, and magnificence. In recent years, Kara began to see that there was very little difference between how they wanted to create art for their people and how they create movement art. Kara became inspired by these realizations and knew that they wanted to use their art to flesh out their liberation hopes and dreams. Kara is currently a core organizer with Lifted Voices.


Nicole Trinidad

Nicole Trinidad, a queer brown femme, is a self-taught artist and entrepreneur from a little home in Indiana. With her older sister as inspiration, she works passionately in creating radical art and interactive media for transformative spaces; her former internship at AFSC during the summer of 2016 being one of them. She studies crystals and herbalism in her spare time and enjoys reading and researching all things related.


Serena Hodges

Serena Hodges is a videographer based in Chicago. Serena currently organizes with Chicago Desi Youth Rising (CDYR), a collective of radical South Asians looking to address racial, economic and other social violence and injustice. Serena believes art is rooted in so many things and historically is often works off of and pays homage to ancestors and movements that have come before. View some of Serena’s work on Vimeo.