Project NIA organized a solidarity action on 4/1/2016 as part of the CTU’s Day of Action to #ShutDownCHI and #FightForFunding during their one-day strike. From the event page: “One of the ways that we can secure more funding for the things that matter most is to CLOSE YOUTH PRISONS across Illinois. Governor Rauner has recommended the closure of Kewanee prison. We support this AND we want the funds saved to be REINVESTED in our communities.”

For the People Artists Collective contributed to the #ShutDownChi action by creating a banner that read “Fund Schools, Not Jails”, as well as several vibrant & bold posterboards with clear messaging to be used during the action.

Bria Royal speaking at the 4/1/2016 #ShutDownChi rally. Photo by Monica Trinidad.FTP artist Bria Royal also spoke on behalf of the collective at the action: “This system has always been threatened by the creative freedom and expression of our youth – because we all know that creativity is a requisite for a revolutionary mind. The policing and incarceration of our youth is extreme, unequal, and ineffective. It attempts to strip them of their right to a creative release. We are here today in necessary solidarity with our teachers and educators who do the daily work of encouraging our youth to express their intelligence and their vision despite that vicious complex.”

Posters & Banners: