Chicago Police Violence Timeline


This list is absolutely not full, and is based off of We Charge Genocide’s Chicago Police History timeline found at We encourage artists to either choose an incident from this list, or submit an incident that is not on this list. Last updated: 6/14/2017.

1917 IWW Chicago office raid & arrests
1919 Red Summer
1920 Palmer Raids
1937 Memorial Day Massacre
1943 Police Murder of Elmo Vassar
1954 Radar Gun introduced to CPD
1958 Helicopters introduced to CPD
1959 Jesse Mae Robinson
1964 “Aggressive, Preventive Patrol”
1966 Police Murder of Ronnie Williams
1966 Police Shooting of Cruz Arcelis
1968 Democratic National Convention
1969 Days of Rage
1969 Police Murder of Fred Hampton & Mark Clark
1972 Jon Burge Torture Begins
1977 2nd Division Street Rebellion (Post-Police Murder of Rafael Cruz & Julio Osorio)
1981 Chicago Joint Terrorism Task Force Begins
1994 COPS Program (Grants awarded to military veterans to join CPD) Begins
1998 Police Officer Joseph Miedzianowski Arrested
1999 Police Murder of LaTanya Haggerty and Robert Russ
2003 Blue Light Cameras introduced
2007 Police Officer Beating of Karolina Obrycka
2008 CPD Buys Stingrays
2010 Wiretapping laws used to suppress recording of police abuse (Tiawanda Moore) 2012 Police Murder of Rekia Boyd by off-duty officer Dante Servin
2012 Police Murder of Dakota Bright
2013 John Hubbard Dies at CPD “Shadow Site” / Homan Square
2014 Police Murder of Dominique “Damo” Franklin
2014 Police Murder of Ronald “Ronnieman” Johnson
2014 Police Murder of Laquan McDonald
2016 Police Murder of Pierre Loury