About Membership

Thank you for your interest in joining For the People Artists Collective! Please be sure to read our Vision and Mission Statement and statement on the Academic & Cultural Boycott of Israel before applying to the collective. Below are descriptions of the different levels of involvement in FTP.

FTP Core
The FTP Artists Collective Core membership currently consists of Black artists & artists of color who created the vision and mission of FTP Artists Collective. The core is responsible for decision-making that affects the collective as a whole, and is the receiver of all art requests and membership applications.

FTP Network
The FTP Artists Collective Network membership brings together Black artists & artists of color who don’t necessarily have the capacity to be in the FTP Core. The FTP Network is led by the FTP Core and can occasionally take on projects & commissions. Members of the FTP Network are also able to attend our FTP skillshares and parts of the monthly meetings. There is possibility to join the FTP Core after a certain period of time & labor.

Friends of FTP
Friends of FTP Artists Collective is a great way to stay in the loop when FTP needs assistance in banner making, protest sign creating, or other art needs that require all hands on deck! It’s also a great way to hear about upcoming FTP events, actions and material needs! Please fill out this form if you would like to be added to the listserv. Black artists, artists of color, and white allies are all welcome to join Friends of FTP.

Currently, our FTP Core is at capacity. We are accepting FTP Network applications here.