FTP Network Application

Because we live in a cisheteropatriarchal world, we want to uplift and support those who are most oppressed by those conditions. Therefore, cisgender heterosexual men will not be accepted to the FTP Network but are encouraged to join Friends of FTP by filling out this form. For more information on the different levels of involvement with FTP, please click here.

Initial Criteria To Apply to FTP Network:

  • Identify as a Black artist or artist of color.
  • Identify as queer, woman, femme, or trans and/or gender non-conforming.
  • Make art in various mediums, including, but not limited to, visual arts (illustration, painting, graphic design, drawing), performance, photography, sculpture, etc.
  • Recognize how art is integral to organizing.
  • Currently reside in the city of Chicago. 
  • Have the ability to attend monthly collective meetings. 
  • Actively participate & communicate via emails, texts (Signal app), & conference calls.
  • Read FTP’s mission statement, vision, and statement on the Academic & Cultural Boycott of Israel.

APPLICATIONS TO THE FTP NETWORK ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED AND WILL RE-OPEN IN FALL 2017. Anyone can still join Friends of FTP by filling out this form. Thank you!