Mission Statement

  • THE NETWORK: We sustain a network of Black artists & artists of color who wish to produce radical artwork for our communities and movements. We want to make the radical power of art accessible to organizations and efforts that lack the resources to produce their own movement art to build stronger and more irresistible movements for liberation.
  • RADICAL LOVE: Art is not an afterthought, it’s an essential part of our path to liberation. Our collective intends to uplift the self and support each other through daily affirmations, monthly collective meetings, and skill-sharing sessions to inspire our growth as artists, cultural workers, and organizers. We also hope to share our knowledge and skills with communities through hosting art parties for upcoming actions, and leading workshops on art as a tool of resistance, highlighting its integral place in organizing.
  • WHO WE CENTER: We strive to challenge mainstream, dominant narratives by uplifting and supporting the efforts of those existing at the margins of the margins, including people of color, Black queer and trans women, femmes, abundant bodies, indigenous, undocumented, disabled, poor, disenfranchised peoples in our city and our world.
  • SUSTAINABILITY: We recognize that while we make art out of love for our people and the goal of liberation, we also know that our art is real labor and holds value as our beloved craft that often sustains our lives. Our aim is to create tangible practices of sustaining ourselves as artists in order to share and learn skills to make a living and retain nourishment from art. We create artwork based on sliding scales, mutual aid, organizational budgets, and transparent conversations.